Thursday, April 12, 2012

Get Unsubscriber and enter to win an iPad

As a blogger, I get a lot of emails.  Some of them are from you, my readers, which are the ones I love getting the most.

Some are from companies that want to work with Frugal Follies, and I like getting those as well - it means I'll have more giveaways, reviews, and other information to share with all my readers.

And some are just junk.  Sometimes I'm subscribed to email lists without actually having chosen to subscribe to them myself.  It's a pain to have to track down the sources of these emails and get off the lists.

So I'm happy to hear about Unsubscriber for Gmail.  Unsubscriber is a simple way to stop emails you don't want. Just move unwanted messages to the Unsubscribe folder and Unsubscriber takes care of the rest. It's a satisfying way to simplify your inbox.

And Unsubscriber is giving away a free iPad!  Just download Unsubscriber and you'll have a chance to win.  See here for the official rules.

Get Unsubscriber and keep your email inbox cleaner!

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