Monday, March 5, 2012

Three Thrifty Things 3-5-12

Welcome to Three Thrifty Things at Frugal Follies!

I've noticed that sometimes I get so busy with blogging about frugality that I'm not doing the frugal things that got me to start this blog in the first place!  So each week I'll be listing three things I'll do that week, beyond the typical day-to-day tasks I already do, to either help save money or to bring in extra income.  That way, I'll be practicing what I preach, so to speak.

I called this Three Thrifty Things, and not Five Thrifty Things or Thirteen Thrifty Things, because I thought that I'd be able to get three items done.  Unfortunately that has not proved to be the case.  In the past I've listed some computer-intensive thrifty tasks, but the time I spend on the computer is primarily spent working on the blog.  If I work on those items, I'm not working on the blog.  So I'm going to concentrate on non-computer thrifty activities.

One of my undone Three Thrifty Things from previous weeks was
  1. List some used children's clothes and books on eBay. Still not done.
Last week's Three Thrifty Things:
  1. Organize my freezer.  I cleaned up in there, threw out a few freezer-burned items (what a waste!), and organized the rest.  It's still pretty packed in there, but I'll be using up what I can.
  2. Organize my coupon binder. Organized!  I will have a post about my coupon binder coming up next week.
  3. Try out survey sites.  Not done.  Not enough computer time to try them out.
This week's Three Thrifty Things:
  1. Concentrate on not wasting food.   Too often I leave leftovers in the fridge too long and they go bad.  I'm going to try to use up whatever's in the fridge before using new ingredients from the pantry.
  2. Shop for a new vacuum.  It's on its last legs, so it's going to be time to get another one soon.  I'll check all the ads and visit stores to see what's available and on sale.
  3. Make banana bread. When I cleaned out the freezer, I found some bananas I had frozen a while ago.  Frozen bananas make great banana bread - just defrost and peel, and they perfectly mushy for banana bread.
      What are your Three Thrifty Things?  Leave a comment below!

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