Wednesday, March 28, 2012

ALDI: Love the bargain aisle!

I took two trips to ALDI (so far) this week.  The first trip, I just bought a few basics: one gallon of milk, some produce, and some crackers, among other things.

But I should have bought two gallons of milk, because we ran out today!  So I made another run over there.  And I am sure glad I did!

In the last several weeks, ALDI has had theme weeks - Mexican, Italian, and Asian foods were featured, including items that they don't generally carry.  Since the theme weeks, those items have been sitting in their bargain aisle, but the prices really weren't all that great.

Until today, when I found lots of markdowns!  The prices were lower than the same items would be if they were on sale at Publix and I used coupons.  It was so tempting to just buy everything!  But I held off and only bought the items that I would buy at full price anyway, items that I normally stockpile.  It was hard turning down boxed butternut squash risotto and jalapeno cheese crackers, but I managed to leave those items on the shelves.

Here's what I got in my two trips:

Trip 1:

1 gallon milk @ $2.99
1 apple juice concentrate @ 92¢
1 cracked pepper crackers @ $1.49
1 baby carrots @ 99¢
1 3-lb Red Delicious apples @ $2.99
1 6" flour tortillas @ 89¢
1 instant oatmeal @ $1.49

Total spent: $11.76

Trip 2:

1 gallon milk @ $2.99
1 cinnamon bagels @ $1.49
2 extra light olive oil @ $1.99 (on sale from $2.99) = $3.98
4 6" flour tortillas @ 49¢ (on sale from 89¢) = $1.96
2 four-cheese Alfredo sauce @ $1.29 (on sale from $1.99) = $2.58
12 diced green chilies @ 25¢ (on sale from 59¢) = $3.00
1 whole wheat mini bagels @ $1.99
1 whole wheat bread @ $1.29

Total spent: $19.78
Total saved: $9.08

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