Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Vistaprint - 6 free products!

I really love Vistaprint. If you recall, I recently purchased their free Valentine's Day cards. My youngest daughter and I loved creating and personalizing them with her name and her choice of colors and messages. And I was surprised how quickly they arrived - the website said that shipping could take up to 14 days, but it ended up being less than a week - and they were printed exactly as we had requested. Such great service! So I definitely would order from them again.

And there's a great deal going on right now - 6 different products are free!

The products include business cards, a wall calendar, a desk calendar, sticky notes, note cards, and rubber stamps.

All items are free, but you pay shipping and handling. (Starting shipping costs - Free Business Cards: $5.67 - Wall Calendar: $5.67 - Desk Calendar: $3.49 - Sticky Notes: $4.57 - Note Cards: $4.68 - Stamp: $6.31)

Click here for your free New Year's products!

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