Monday, February 27, 2012

Three Thrifty Things 2-27-12

Welcome to Three Thrifty Things at Frugal Follies!

I've noticed that sometimes I get so busy with blogging about frugality that I'm not doing the frugal things that got me to start this blog in the first place!  So each week I'll be listing three things I'll do that week, beyond the typical day-to-day tasks I already do, to either help save money or to bring in extra income.  That way, I'll be practicing what I preach, so to speak.

Last week, my Three Thrifty Things were:
  1. Organize my pantry stockpile. All done!  And I discovered that I have overstockpiled certain items.  For instance, I have 34 cans of tomatoes!  I won't be buying any more, unless I find them for free or they're associated with another deal, like free bread when you buy tomatoes.
  2. Clean up my inserts file drawer.  Everything's nice and neat now!
  3. List some used children's books on eBay.  This didn't get done at all - I didn't even box up the books!  And the children's clothes I wanted to list the week before are still not listed.  I really need to get going on this.
This week, here are my Three Thrifty Things (along with completing the eBay listings):
  1. Organize my freezer.  March is Frozen Food Month, so I figure there will be lots of great deals on frozen items coming soon, and I want to have room for them!  (I've already decided to use up frozen food items in my menu plan this week.)
  2. Organize my coupon binder. I do keep most of my coupons in the inserts file drawer, but I have loose coupons, too - either coupons I cut out but didn't use, coupons found at the store, coupons mailed to me, or other sources.  And I haven't filed them in a while, nor have I removed the expired coupons.  So it's time to give my coupon binder a little love!
  3. Try out survey sites.  I post a lot about survey sites but I don't do that many anymore.  I want to try out some of the newer sites and see which I think are the best.
    What are your Three Thrifty Things?  Leave a comment below!

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