Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Leap Day Giveaway - $29.29 in cash!

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.  A winner will be chosen soon.

It's the beginning of February, and there are 29 days this month instead of the usual 28. That's special enough that I thought it would be fun to have a giveaway!

I'm offering $29.29 in cash!

To enter, use the Rafflecopter below.

This contest will end on March 1, 2012, at 12:01 am. It is open to entrants 18 years and older worldwide. Payment will be made via PayPal. If you are the winner, I will contact you via the email address you've left. You will have 72 hours to respond. If you do not respond in that time, you will be disqualified and I will pick another winner.

Thanks so much for entering, and have a great Leap Day!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Feb. 29 is our wedding anniversary! (Yes, we're weird, but we thought it would be fun.) Not sure what we're doing, but I'm hoping it will involve a babysitter and some very nice food.


Feb. 29th is on a wednesday, so I'll be going to get my grand-daughter from school.
heartnsoulcooking at gmail dot com

stacey dempsey  

FEB 29TH is my daughters birthday and this year she turns 16 (well 4 really ) so a big day around here


Vicki Vix,   

Nice giveaway. Thanks. Have no plans for Feb. 29th. Just another day and it's way to far out to plan anything.
fromfurrin at gmail dot com


I hope I win! I love giveaways! Feb. 29th I am sure I will be saving money with coupons

Marcie W.  

February 29th is a Wednesday, so I will be spending it with hubs, since it's his day off :)


I'll be working, and then, hopefully, my weekly Publix trip


just chillin with my family. we don't have any plans really :)


No plans expect working.

janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com


I will be entering contests and giveaways on that day. :)


I'll be working as usual

sksweeps (at) earthlink (dot) net


I will be at a Teddy Bear Picnic with my 3 yr old!


I will be at work. Fun... Fun...

abfantom at yahoo dot com

Helen Keeler  

I'll be having dinner with the family.


Nothing special i'd imagine

kport207 at gmail dot com

Ellen C.  

It's not really a big deal to us so it'll be just like any other day. Thanks for the chance.

sweetascandy579 at yahoo dot com

daniel thornton  

I will be entering sweepstakes.



I'll be at home on the computer or doing housework.


I'll probably wake up at 5:30am like every morning to feed the baby ...


Just biggie.
Thanks for the chance.


I'll be at work enjoy my time of doing not too much.


I don't have any special plans for February 29th.

rebecca.nvcl (at)


drinking wine and watching some dvd's with my husband


Probably grocery shopping.
pkildow at gmail dot com


I will be taking my daughter to her ortho appt. We are hoping to hear good news and hopefully they should be coming off soon.

Jody Sisson  

I will be working on Feb. 29.
jodysis at windstream dot net


Just being like a normal day, kids going to school etc.


No plans, just what we always do on a Wednesday.
magic5905 at embarqmail dot com


I'm still planning on how to use the extra day!

Caroline Kelly  

Bad news about a Leap Year: one more day before that year's Christmas Day. :(


I will be working!


Hey, February 29th is also our Anniversary!!! We are going out for a very special dinner, after all, we only celebrate every 4 years!!

Danielle S.  

I'll be going to work, same as any Wednesday

Christine Savinelli  

I will be enjoying a day off from work. Maybe going to the movies!

Colleen Boudreau  

I have no idea what i'll be doing.
holliister at gmail dot com

Jessica Cote  

praying my husband passes his tech sergeant test since he takes it that day!

kerry santillo  

Remembering the last 28 days and where did they get to.♥

Sarah T,   

I will be working and then probably grocery shopping!


Working, taking my daughter to school...just another day

nemesis_33012 at yahoo dot com


PROB Not doing a thing differently then I do every day

Amy Orvin  

submitted giveaway to DIGG as Amy Orvin


having a nice dinner out! scg00387 at yahoo dot com


What a cute giveaway idea! I'll do be doing the same thing I always do on a Wed. - taking kids to school!

Dull2000 at cox dot net


First I am going to wake up by way of a cat climbing up the door instead of meowing loudly like any other cat would do.
Why does she meow loudly when she wants back in but keeps her mouth shut when she wants out?
Climbing up the door is just plain rude don't you think? Then I will make coffee seeing as I am up already LOL


Thanks for a great contest! Janna Johnson
janna@feedyourpig on gfc

Kathy Rambousek  

for this "extra" day, maybe I'll enjoy a day of rest

LKARambo at comcast dot net


Alas I will be working! But it falls on a wednesday too, so I will do my wishcast wednesday as well.

Heavenly Savings  

Thanks for the giveaway! - I will be at home blogging on that day!


i'll be waiting for Publishers Clearing House to pay me a visit. February 29th they are giving one lucky winner a prize of 1 million dollars a year for life!!!!! wish me luck.


I will probably be hanging out at home and getting some school work done. But if I'm lucky, I won't have any school work to do and I can just relax. :)

Kathy P.  

My hubby works late on Wedensday night, so I will be putting all three babies to bed myself.


I'll be in church on Wednesday evening.

Wild N Mild $$$  

I'll be entering giveaways :)

Jennifer Rote
wildnmild4u (at) yahoo (dot) com


Nothing that I know of other than house work. Thank you Jerri Davis


Just another day working and picking up my kids from school!


Maija M,   

Just working, nothing unusual or fun! Maija pinkmaija (at)

Victoria R.  

Having a birthday party for my friend who's born on leap day!


I'll be waiting for the 1st of March to come mostly) And working...


Bragging about stealing a day of the year. ; )

Sandra VanHoey  

No plans that I know of, I can't remember what I need to do tomorrow so not too sure then
sandy1955 at comcast dot net


On Leap Day, we will be in Walt Disney World

Jill H


This is just a regular school day for my kids, but I might be preparing for my daughter's birthday which is a week later.


I might be working



Same thing I do every day, clean & cook, I just get an extra day to do it!


Just another day of work!



February 29th will be like any other Wednesday. Cleaning, Homeschool, cooking and working out.

Kelly Marceau,   

working as usual


I'll be watching TV looking adorable. :)


This was grandfather Howard's birthday so I will be thinking of him.

Douglas Houston,   

Feb. 29th sounds like a good excuse for a party

ddx155 at


Nothing much since it is midweek. Home from work IF no overtime and errands , housework and getting ready for more work the next day!


Doing the same as usual.


I won't be doing anything special - just going to class and studying.
Thank you for the giveaway :)


I'm not sure what I'll be doing on the 29th! Probably the "same old, same old".

Luna Moon  

I will more than likely be working.

Burningmoonproducts @ yahoo dot com

Jan Messali  

I'll be teaching... unless that's the day my daughter goes into labor. If so, I'll be at the hospital welcoming our Leap Day grandbaby!


I will be working to my degree.


Nothing exciting probably! I will be taking my girls to gymnastics that night.


It is a Wed, so we will be picking up our grandchild after preschool and taking him out to lunch!

Jeryl M.  

I will be taking my girls to school as usual and then I will be home.

Miss Sarah  

I'm sure I will be sewing to try to complete my orders by their deadlines. :)

Thanks for the giveaway!


Caring for my two little darlings and my hubby :)


Feb. 29th? Wooing my ex-wife.


Same thing I do everyday Pinkie.. Try to... Nah.. just kidding.. I'll be doing what I do every day waking up an working!


sounds boring.... just another day!

Charisse S,   

going about the daily routine and playing on pogo since its a wednesday (badge day)


Nothing special, but I know I will think about my grandmother, who was a Leap Year baby--always teased her about being the youngest grandmother around!

cgclynsg0 at gmail dot com


Maybe I'll get married?! LOL! The 29th is a wednesday, so I'll be working.

Missy L  

That's a normal day for us. Getting my kids to and from preschool and taking care of my family.


Super naked fun time as I travel through a time vortex


I barely know what I am doing TOMORROW, much less what I'll be doing on the 29th! LOL!
kitty32504 at cox dot net


i will be working and i won't be leaping to get there


I hope I will travel to Germany
Lubka K.
lubaska dot k at gmail dot com


The Usual. Hanging w/my daughter, going to toddler time at the library, running errands.

Devona Fryer,   

Entering sweepstakes!


Taking care of my kids, as usual. (Corey Olomon)(

Shannon Alexander  

Just the usual, taking care of my kids. Might try to plan something special for them

Sasha W  

I won't be doing anything out of the ordinary, typical day for me. Thanks for the giveaway!!

Andrea Amy  

I won't be doing anything special. Its a wednesday, so will just be a regular wednesday in my house. garbage day, so i will make sure the garbage is put out.


I will be working..... than making dinner for two whiny teenagers.....


I will most likely be cooking and cleaning on February 29, and 28, and 27, and 26, and well you get the point I am sure! haha!
Angela Michels
lilsweeper76 at yahoo dot com

Melissa B.,   

I will probably just be doing my same old same old. Actually, I will probably also forget that it's Feb. 29th and think it's March 1st.


The same as I do every other day.. slave to the wee ones, taxi for the older children, maid, chef and the complaint department.


Having dinner at home and then going to a

Miranda Ward  

Nothing Special just a normal day!


Calling my sister and wishing her a very happy 13th birthday (52nd really)


Unfortunately I'll be working! But after work, I will be going out for dinner/drinks with a co-worker to celebrate her bday.

Brittw10 at gmail dot com


lets pretend that i will be out shopping with my fave shopping buddy, my six year old daughter.


Well, since it's a Wednesday I will be at Agility practice with my Jack Russel Terrier!


On Feb 29 I'll be going to college for the first time!

Holly Hennessy Swint,   

Probably going to Tampa to visit my Mom for my Birthday (Feb 26) Holly Hennessy Swint


I have no idea. :)

My e-mail: blackasphodel(at)yahoo(dot)com


I have no specific plans, just life as usual

morganowl28 at gmail dot com

Annmarie Weeks  

It's a Wednesday, so it'll be a typical day for me. Hubby will go to work, kids will go to school & I'll try to get things done while they're gone!

Candie L  

will be at work. It will just be a normal day for us (but payday is the next day). Thank you



On February 29th, I will be working. Sad, I know. But I'm grateful to have a job.


i would or have my training for my new job that day

Angela M  

There is absolutely nothing special going on at our house on Feb. 29th. Just a regular school and work day.

Allisha Gold  

I will probably be working or relaxing at home. Same as usual lol


Probably entering more giveaways like this one lol

Crystal Mexico


My husband has Wednesdays off, so we'll probably spend the day together.


i will be working sadly

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