Thursday, January 12, 2012

Digitize home video

iMemoriesI have lots of home movies made in the 1990s and 2000s, but I never use my one remaining VCR to watch them. I'd love to digitize them, but haven't found an affordable, non-time-consuming way to do it.

But I recently found a company to do it: iMemories.

iMemories transforms your most cherished home movies and photo albums into high-quality digitized DVDs designed to last a lifetime. Never worry about damage, loss or fading again, and enjoy iMemories’ easy and convenient online interface to organize, enhance, and share your favorite moments.

How are they different? An expert staff equipped with the most advanced technology means sharp definition, vibrant colors and memories that are more alive than ever. Your videotapes, movie film, photos and more are digitized by hand and specially processed for unparalleled clarity. You also receive 30 days of free online access to your digitized memories to sort, label and select your favorites before ordering your DVDs.

And, I have a great deal for you as well!

Readers of Frugal Follies can take advantage of an additional 33% discount on iMemories’ already budget-friendly rates. This offer is limited, so start preserving your memories today! I plan to!

Click here to digitize home video with iMemories.

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