Friday, August 12, 2011

ALDI: Taking kids shopping, ack!

We needed milk and lots of other basics, so I headed on over to ALDI yesterday. I took my two younger children with me. (The oldest was at high school orientation. High school - where does the time go?)  I do usually go myself, so I was a little rusty on all the things kids do when they go shopping...

First, they each wanted a ride in the cart. When I only have one, sometimes I'll do that. But with both of them in there, there'd be no room for food! So they walked.

And then each one each wanted to steer the cart, but in such a small store like ALDI, this is really tough. I didn't want them to run into the other shoppers or into the food in the aisles. So they took turns, while I kept a hand on the cart, keeping them from going too fast or steering in the wrong direction.

Finally, they wanted treats. And of course my ALDI has all the junk food right by the front door, where you have to pass it. No other way to get to the rest of the food. We did manage to get out with just a couple of things that weren't on my list. Not too much damage done!

Here's the results:

1 package cinnamon-raising bagels @ $1.49
1 alfredo sauce @ $1.69
1 flour tortillas @ 99¢
1 instant oatmeal @ $1.39
2 cucumbers @ 55¢ = $1.30
1 package Roma tomatoes @ $1.59
2 gallons milk @ $2.39 = $4.78
1 3-lb bag apples @ $3.79 (ouch!)
1 bag baby carrots @ 89¢
1 apple juice concentrate @ 92¢
1 cottage cheese @ $1.99
1 bag bananas @ $1.07
1 brick cream cheese @ $1.29
1 5-lb bag flour @ $1.79
1 whole wheat bread @ $1.29
1 mini-muffins @ $2.29

Total spent: $28.35

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