Friday, June 17, 2011

ALDI vs. the produce store

I buy veggies at two places: ALDI and my local produce store. (Occasionally, if I have a coupon and it's on sale, I might buy some at Publix. But that is rare.)

So how do I decide what to get where?

In terms of least expensive to most expensive, here's how the veggie costs go:

  • Produce store when they have 50% off
  • ALDI veggies on special 
  • Produce store regular price
  • ALDI store regular price
Generally I first go to the produce store, then to ALDI. So how do I decide what to get where?

I check out what's on sale at ALDI first, either from their sales flyers or from The ALDI Spot.  If I see something I need that's on sale this week at ALDI (like green peppers this week), I'll hold off buying them at the produce store.  I'll also wait to buy apples, bananas, and carrots, unless they're 50% off at the produce store, because ALDI usually has a better price on those items.  Otherwise, I buy what I need at the produce store.

And here's what I got this week:

2 Romaine lettuce @ 2/99¢
2 large cucumbers @ 2/99¢
3 Cubanelle pepers @ 50¢/lb
6 Roma tomatoes @ 99¢/lb
1 celery @ 99¢
Lots of sweet mini peppers @ 50¢/lb

Total spent: $5.38

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