Sunday, May 29, 2011

Walgreens: Crackerless!

The Walgreens ad was unexpectedly good this week. I especially liked their 2-day Memorial Day sale, and I planned to buy a few items from that. In particular, I was excited about the Ritz Crackerfuls moneymaking deal - the Crackerfuls themselves were free after Register Rewards, and there was a $1 coupon in the 4/17 Smartsource insert as well.

But, when I got to my store, I found no Crackerfuls.

But there was a note saying that there was not sufficient stock in the warehouse to honor the sale, and that instead, shoppers could substitute a box of Wheat Thins, Triscuits, or Ritz crackers.

So this was good, except I didn't have a coupon for any of those on me, since I use the coupon insert file method, and I only bring to the store the coupons I need. But I really didn't want to go back to get one coupon, so I had to settle for the crackers being free... what a problem to have, huh?

Here's what I got at Walgreens:

Transaction #1:

1 Applied Nutrition Triple Calcium 90 ct @ $10.00 (receive $10 RR)
- $5 off Applied Nutrition coupon from the June Walgreens coupon book (available in-store)
= $5.00 (or a $5.00 moneymaker after Register Rewards)

1 Triscuit (substitute for Ritz Crackerfuls) @ $2.00 (receive $2 RR)
= $2.00 (or FREE after Register Rewards)

Total product cost: $7.00
Pay with $6 in Register Rewards ($3, $3)
Total out of pocket: $1.00
Total saved compared to Walgreens regular prices: $8.19
Received $12 RR

Transaction #2:
1 Reynolds Wrap 75 sq ft @ $1.99
- $1 off Reynolds Wrap from the 5/15 Smartsource insert
= 99¢

1 Icy Hot Naturals cream, 0.5 oz @ 99¢ (receive 99¢ RR)
- $1 off Icy Hot coupon from the 5/1 Smartsource insert
= 1¢ moneymaker ($1 moneymaker after Register Rewards)

3 Ecotrin low-dose aspirin @ 99¢ after in-ad coupon
- 3 $1.50 off Ecotrin coupons from the 5/1 RedPlum insert
= $1.53 moneymaker

2 Hawaiian Tropic suntan lotion @ BOGO $10.49
- 2 $2 off Hawaiian Tropic coupons from the 5/22 Smartsource insert
= $6.49 for two, or $3.25 each

2 Domino sugar 4 lb @ $2.19 after in-ad coupon = $4.38
- 2 50¢ off Domino Sugar coupons from the 5/22 RedPlum insert
= $3.38 for two, or $1.69 each

Scott Naturals paper towels 6 pack @ $3.99
- $1 off Scott Naturals 6 pack from the 5/22 Smartsource insert
= $2.99

2 Act II popcorn singles @ 25¢ = 50¢ (extra items)

Total product cost: $12.81
Pay with $12 in Register Rewards ($10, $2) from previous transaction
Total product cost after Register Rewards: 81¢
Tax: 99¢
Total out of pocket: $1.80
Total saved compared to Walgreens full prices: $38.49
Received 99¢ RR

Total out of pocket for two transactions: $2.80
Total saved: $46.68

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Anonymous,  May 29, 2011 at 11:13 PM  

At least your store will let you substitute. I have boycotted Walgreen's because they never have any of the items advertised in the circular. :(

Marsha Cooper May 31, 2011 at 9:11 AM  

I couldn't make it to Walgreen's on Sunday due to a family reunion and knew there was no reason to drive all the way there yesterday.
My Walgreen's is notorious for being out of items after the first day. Which, I suppose, means there are a lot of other couponers in town.
What I really don't like is when I go and find out my store doesn't even carry the item period!
I am going today in hopes of finding 4 items....wish me luck.

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