Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Tips for Getting Birthday Freebies

It's my birthday today! :-)  So I thought I'd share some great birthday freebies and tips with you!

Before you get your freebies:

  • If you're getting a freebie from a local franchised business, check with the business first by calling to be sure that your store participates in the giveaway. 
  • Many freebies require you to sign up for an online club or mailing list.  Be sure to do this well before your birthdate!
  • Keep in mind that many freebies are free with a purchase of another item.  Be sure that the original item is a good deal - or you might just be paying too much.
  • With gas prices nearing or passing $4 in most areas, keep in mind that driving around to get many freebies will also cost you quite a bit in gasoline.
  • Remember to bring your driver's license or other ID with you - you may need to prove that it is, indeed, your birthday.
  • If you're getting a freebie from a restaurant, be sure to leave a tip based on the retail value of what you received. 
Here's one great freebie I received today:
    Swagbucks give you 50 Swagbucks on your birthday, if you've added it to your profile!

    Swagbucks is the great site where you earn points by doing searches (easily done with the Swagbucks toolbar),  finding Swagcodes, answering polls and surveys, watching videos and Swagbucks TV, and considering special offers and no-obligation special offers.  These 50 Swagbucks almost get me to the 450 point threshold, where I can get a $5 Amazon.com gift card.  What a great gift!

    Lots of other sites have comprehensive lists of items you can get free for your birthday, so I won't duplicate their work.  After all, it's my birthday!  Here are a few of the lists:
    And there are lots more lists out there!  Do a search for "birthday freebies" and you're sure to come up with many more lists.

    And here's my best birthday freebie of all!

    Instead of taking freebies, why not give away freebies on your birthday?  If you've been couponing for a while, certainly you have a large stockpile of items on hand.  Instead of getting more for your birthday, why not give away some of your stockpile to others?

    Donate nonperishable canned foods to your local food bank.  Or donate personal care items like soap, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrushes, or razors to a women's shelter.

    That's what I did today - I took these items (which had been sitting by the door since I collected them two weeks ago), as well as several others I've gotten over the past couple of weeks, to a local women's shelter.  As much as I love to get freebies, I love to give freebies, too!

    For more frugal tips, please check out the bloggers listed on the left sidebar under Frugal Tips Linkups. There are lots of great ideas on each blog and I'm sure you'll find lots of wonderful tips!
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      Ask Ms Recipe May 10, 2011 at 3:51 PM  

      Thank you for linking up on my linky for marvelous menu on Mondays have a great day.


      Holly May 17, 2011 at 6:26 PM  

      My FIL used to take my BIL to Denny's on his b-day and just sit there and watch him eat his free meal. I really doubt he left a tip either.
      Happy belated birthday (I love that you took a donation to a shelter and spread the love)!

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