Friday, May 13, 2011

Target house brands with store coupons vs. ALDI: Which is cheaper?

I was checking the coupons on the Target website and noticed that there were a lot of coupons for their Market Pantry house brand. So I started wondering, would it be cheaper to buy full-price Market Pantry items with a Target store coupon, or to buy the same items at ALDI?

I printed out coupons for salad dressing, cereal, oatmeal, salsa, pasta, and pasta sauce, and headed over to Target and ALDI. Here's what I found:

Item Target Price Target coupon Final Target Price ALDI price Which is cheaper?
salad dressing $1.69 $0.38 $1.32 $1.19 ALDI
pasta $1.09 $0.25 $0.84 $0.89 Target
pasta sauce $1.54 $0.50 $1.04 $1.19 Target
cereal $2.54 $0.50 $2.04 $1.59 ALDI
oatmeal $1.94 $0.50 $1.44 $1.39 ALDI
salsa $1.89 $0.50 $1.39 $1.79 Target

So with Target coupons, it's a toss-up.  But without Target coupons, ALDI beats Target every time.  That's not surprising.

Of course, you can get brand-name versions of all these items for even cheaper by combining sales with coupons at supermarkets.  But if you want to save money more simply, shopping at ALDI and at Target with their online coupons can save you money.

(While I was at Target, I found a bottle of Market Pantry raspberry vinaigrette on clearance for $1.28.  I purchased that and one bottle of regular-priced Italian dressing and used the 75¢/2 coupon.  Including a 5¢ deduction for using a cloth bag, I spent $2 for two bottles of dressing, or $1 each.)

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Cassy May 16, 2011 at 3:29 PM  

You are speaking directly to me with this post! I use coupons, when I can, but I find that I often get better deals by buying store brand items which rarely have coupons. If I can get an item just as cheap or cheaper at Aldi without a difference in quality, I would much rather do that than spend hours comparing sales and digging through my coupons. But, I still get excited when I manage to get something completely free with my coupons, so I suppose a little bit of both worlds isn't too bad!

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