Friday, May 20, 2011

Produce store: 50% off again!

I went to my local produce store this morning. I had bought a ton of stuff at the 50% off sale last week, and I still had a lot of produce left. But I was out of tomatoes and lettuce, so I headed on over.

To my surprise, the store was holidng a 50% off sale again! It was very tempting to load up on a lot of produce. But if it goes bad, it's still money wasted, even at 50% off.

So I bought the tomatoes and lettuce, and I bought apples at 50¢/lb - I had been planning to buy them at ALDI, where a 3-lb bag is usually around $2.59. I also splurged on some asparagus and grapes, which I didn't buy last week.

Here's the total (ignore the date!):

2 heads iceberg lettuce @ 75¢ = $1.50
10 apples @ 50¢/lb
4 tomatoes @ 50¢/lb
1 bunch grapes @ 75¢/lb
1 bunch asparagus @ 50¢

Total spent: $6.02

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Anonymous,  May 21, 2011 at 3:22 PM  

wow - this is what we all need every week - savings on healthy food!

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