Friday, April 22, 2011

Find out about Catalina deals with YourBucks!

Coupon NetworkAt many stores, coupons for dollars off your next order will print out after you make your purchases. These coupons are called Catalina coupons, after the manufacturer of the coupon printing machine.

Sometimes the store will advertise that you can receive a Catalina coupon after making a certain purchase. But too often, it's a surprise. Wouldn't you like to know what items you need to buy to get those coupons?

Check out CouponNetwork, which is run by Catalina. There, you can print out printable coupons like any other site, but you can also print out YourBucks offers. YourBucks offers tell you which products you need to purchase in order to get Catalina coupons upon checkout. For instance, there is a current deal where if you buy three Kotex products, you'll receive $2.50 off on your next shopping trip.

Just register with CouponNetwork and specify which stores you shop at, and you'll only see the YourBudcks offers that will work at your stores. Print out the offers you're interested in to bring to the store, so that you're sure to buy the correct items and sizes. Then, once you've bought the items, the Catalina coupons should print!

Register with CouponNetwork now to take advantage of these great deals!

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