Saturday, April 2, 2011

$11 for all this produce!

Last week, I told you about a 99¢ produce store in my area.  (For the locals, this is the Just Produce Farmers Market, 4400 W. Hillsboro Blvd., Coconut Creek, Florida.) When I first visited, I didn't see a lot to be excited about, and only bought a few items.  The peppers were a little wrinkled, but they turned out to be delicious.  And the basil was wilted, but I revived it.  Still, I wasn't sure if I wanted to return again - but I was told that on Fridays, all the produce was 50% off.  So, I went yesterday to give it a second try.

And what a difference!  Last week, the store was warm and there were bugs flying around.  This week, the air conditioner was fixed, and I didn't see any bugs.  This week, the lighting was better, and the store seemed to be cleaner all around.  True, the peppers were still a little wrinkly, and the parsley (no basil this time) was a little wilted, but those weren't dealbreakers for me at these prices.  And, oh, the prices!

I was so excited about the deals, I neglected to ask for my receipt on the way out!  But here's what I got for $10.76, with the prices per pound from memory, so they could be wrong:

6 cucumbers @ 3/50¢
3 red peppers @ 50¢/lb
3 yellow peppers @50¢/lb
4 red Cubanelle peppers @ 50¢/lb
8 jalapeno peppers @ 50¢/lb
1 bag carrots @ 65¢
1 head lettuce @ 50¢
2 jars strawberry jam @ 50¢
1 bag snow peas @ 65¢
1 celery @ 50¢
1 Romaine lettuce @ 50¢
5 Roma tomatoes @ 75¢/lb
1 nectarine @ 50¢/lb
2 parsnips @ 65¢/lb
1 package blueberries @ $1.25

Total spent: $10.76

There was also lots of fruit available, but I was so loaded from my ALDI fruit trip, I only got the blueberries and nectarine.  But they definitely beat ALDI on price there - there were strawberries for 75¢ per package and apples for 50¢/lb, for instance.

On the way out, I received a business card entitling me to a free item next week.  So I'll definitely be visiting again!

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