Thursday, March 31, 2011

Western Beef: Cheap eggs and ice cream

Western Beef is a supermarket chain that has 20 locations in and around New York City... and one in South Florida.  (We joke that South Florida is the sixth borough of New York, so this kinda makes sense.)  They're best known for their meat - you walk into a freezer *room* full of meat to make your selections, instead of a freezer case.  Bring your jacket!

It's a place where I often find good deals on produce, but this week there were some great deals on eggs (even beating ALDI), lemon juice, and ice cream for my daughter's birthday party.  And I picked some carrots, since we were out.  Here's what I got:

3 dozen eggs @ 79¢ = $2.37
2 32-oz bottles Western Beef lemon juice @ 79¢ = $1.58
2 half-gallons Western Beef ice cream @ 99¢ = $1.98
1 bag baby carrots @ $1.50

Total: $7.43

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J Rodney March 31, 2011 at 6:13 PM  

You weren't kidding...great price on the eggs....I remember a time when Aldi had a fabulous price on it's only great:)

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