Friday, March 18, 2011

ALDI with the kids

Since my kids are on Spring Break, I took the two younger ones with me to ALDI to pick up some dairy and produce items, plus a couple of items we had run out of.  It was my only shopping trip this week so far - after all, I'm on spring break, too!

I don't mind taking them to ALDI, because they love to put the quarter in to get the cart out, and to return it as well.  And the store isn't as big, so it's not as much of a chore to take them there.  Plus there is no bakery department where they might beg for a cookie. 

I was so excited to see 3-lb bags of onions for only 99¢.  This beats the local store in my area that often has hard-to-beat produce prices.  I bought two bags.  I love ALDI's produce sales!

Here's what else I got:

2 gallons milk @ $1.99 = $3.98
2 cucumbers @ 65¢ = $1.30
1 bag romaine hearts @ $2.09
2 3-lb bag onions @ 99¢ = $1.98
1 bottle cocktail sauce @ $1.09
2 avocados @ 89¢ = $1.78
1 cantaloupe @ $1.49
2 boxes macaroni & cheese @ 29¢ = 58¢
1 container cottage cheese @ $1.99
1 12-oz package shredded sharp cheddar cheese @ $2.39
1 3-lb. bag Red Delicious apples @ $2.59
1 can cashew halves @ $2.69
1 package green peppers @ $2.09
1 bag bananas @ 86¢ (39¢/lb)

Total: $26.90

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Unknown March 18, 2011 at 9:41 PM  

I love Aldi's produce sales too! And I agree totally. I would much rather drag my kids in there than the whole mile to the back of walmart to get a gallon of In fact I haven't been back in walmart since aldi opened last march (right across the street). ;)

J Rodney March 20, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

You really got some Aldi bargains. I am so sad that I did not make it there this week, but our car has been at the mechanic almost all of spring break. I dragged three boys to Publix on a busy Friday afternoon:)

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