Monday, February 14, 2011

Menu Plan 2/14/11: Meat: It's what's for dinner

It's another week, and another meal plan!

This week I was able to restock meat, so we'll have some new options for dinners. Because I buy kosher meat AND keep to a budget of $80 per week, my meat choices are somewhat limited, but I was still able to get some whole chickens, chicken breasts, and ground beef. So these, along with tilapia fillets I bought last month, will be the basis of this week's meals.

And of course today is Valentine's Day, so I'll be making a special dinner for two for my sweetie.

Here's what's for dinner this week:

Monday - Chicken Kiev, sauteed vegetables, salad

Tuesday - chicken stir-fry over brown rice

Wednesday - mushroom pizza on whole wheat pizza dough, fruit

Thursday - tilapia fillets, pasta with alfredo sauce, salad

Friday - chicken soup with matzo balls, roasted chicken, tabbouleh, challah

Saturday - pasta with meat sauce, salad

Sunday - takeout!

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