Saturday, February 19, 2011

Free sample of Yogi Tea for a friend

Do you have a friend who loves tea? You can send him or her a gift of two free Yogi tea bags.

Click here to create an well-wishing e-card to your friend, then pick from gifts of two paired tea bags:
  • Deliciously Intriguing: Egyptian Lavender and Ginger
  • Energy: Green Tea Energy and Green Tea Super-Oxidant
  • Healthy Glow: Green Tea Blueberry Slim Life and Skin DeTox
  • Immunity: Green Tea Kombucha and Echinacea Immune Support
  • Nurturing Mother: Woman's Mother To Be and Woman's Nursing Support
  • Purify: Healthy Fasting and DeTox
  • Relax: Kava Stress Relief and Relaxed Mind
  • Rest: Bedtime and Calming
Sounds like a great gift for a friend - or maybe to yourself! 

Click here for to send tea to a friend.

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