Monday, January 31, 2011

Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge: What I learned

This month, I did the Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge, co-hosted by Laura at Frugal Follies, Denise at Shopper Strategy, Robbie at Going Green Mama, Crystal at Mrs. Happy Homemaker, and Rebecca Jean at Midnight Maniac.

And now, January is over!  Whew!  It was a very tough month, but we made it through!

If you recall, my goal was to make my life more simple, by ignoring coupons and deals throughout the month, and by shopping only at ALDI for dairy and veggies.  How did I do on these goals?

I did, indeed, not use any coupons throughout the month.  I shopped primarily at ALDI, though I did make a few small trips to use up expiring Extra Care Bucks at CVS, or to buy produce at Publix or Winn-Dixie that wasn't available at ALDI.  I did buy a half-dozen other items besides dairy and veggies, such as a box of cold cereal after I had almost completely run out, but that was it.

I did use up a lot of items in my pantry (see my updated inventory list), but there are still some things to be used up - I will try to focus on using those up during February.

Here's what I learned this month:
  • I can do it!  Sometimes it was tough depending on what I already had in store - the temptation to buy more things was great, but I was able to make it through.  
  • Sometimes you can be more creative working within limits than you would be if you were given any items you wanted.  I found myself creating more recipes on the fly, and many turned out to be delicious.
  • Even though the coupon break was relaxing, I do enjoy couponing and finding deals, and am more resolute in making sure that I do it in a way to minimize the time and effort I spend on it.
  • ALDI, as great as a store as it is, simply cannot meet all of your grocery and drug store needs.  There are many holes in their inventory.  They don't always carry the same produce, and prices can vary widely from day to day.
How did the Clean Out the Cupboards Challenge go for you?  What lessons did you learn?   Leave a comment below, or if you're a blogger, use the linky below to link to your post.  And please check out my fellow co-hosts at Shopper Strategy, Going Green Mama, Mrs. Happy Homemaker, and  Midnight Maniac as well!

So now that January is over, I'm on to my February challenge, the Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge!  Because I used up all of my Extra Care Bucks from CVS and Register Rewards from Walgreens, I'm on a mission to build up the amounts I have, without putting a lot of money into it.  Join me!

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honeybeecooksjackfruit January 31, 2011 at 4:16 PM  

Thanks again for the challenge Laura. I posted my results as well. Im looking forward to buying butter, frozen veggies and pasta again!

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