Friday, November 19, 2010

Stock up on mushrooms and mandarin oranges!

The best prices for canned mushrooms and mandarin oranges are coming next week at Walgreens! It's time to stock up!

As I listed in my Under a Buck at Walgreens feature here at Frugal Follies, a 4 oz can of Geisha mushrooms will be 39¢ this week, and an 11 oz can of Madam mandarin oranges will be 39¢ as well! There is a limit of 3 cans per item per purchase. No in-store coupon is necessary for this price.

This is a much better price than at ALDI, according to my ALDI price list. There, mushrooms are 50 cents and mandarin oranges are 49 cents. I've rarely seen sales on mushrooms or mandarin oranges at the grocery stores, and haven't seen coupons for them, either. So now is the time to stock up!  (Just don't take all of them before I get there!)

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