Saturday, November 6, 2010

November Freezer Cooking Days: Cooking list

Time once again for October Freezer Cooking Days, hosted by FishMama at Life as MOM.

What to make, what to make?  This month, I need to use up some chicken wings that I bought a few months ago, which have been hibernating in the freezer, unused.  I'll be defrosting them, then using them to make broth, and I'll repackaged the cooked meat to be used in stir-fries during the month.  I'll freezer the broth into ice cube trays, to be used in sauces in future meals.

I also have a lot of turkey to be used up.  And some 28-oz cans of tomatoes, too much for a single meal.  So I'll combine them to make a turkey cacciatore, freezed in meal-sized portions.

I'll cook up some black beans in the crockpot.  And, of course, I'll make several rolls of freezer cookies.

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