Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Shopping: Avocado and bread for free

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Another great week of shopping!  I had a great time yesterday with Publix's BOGO deals.  My previously Cheerio-free household is now bulging with yellow boxes.  Although... my daughters, upon coming home from school, immediately saw the Apple Cinnamon Cheerios.  Since sugared cereal is a rarity in my home, they asked for it immediately as a snack.  And, to make a long story short, we now have one fewer box.

I had also completely forgotten about the Publix calendar coupons.  I dug them out, and October's coupon was for $1 off any produce item of $1 or more.  Since avocados were on sale for $1, I bought one and got it for free!  Mashed with some olive oil and lemon juice, it made a nice lunch that day.

I've received several Target mailers over the last few months, as Target converts their regular stores to have small grocery sections.  Each time there are some great coupons.  A few weeks ago, I got a free dozen eggs; this week, it was a free loaf of bread.  Plus, I love the bagged apples at Target - I rarely get one that has been bruised, as I do from bagged apples from other sources.

Over the weekend, since it was such a beautiful day in my area, I took my younger two children for a walk to a local CVS to buy milk, which was an ECB deal for me.  I ended up buying two gallons.  Do you know how heavy two gallons of milk are?  Even in a cloth bag over my shoulder, it was a long walk back.

I also made two trips to Walmart, finding the ever-elusive 92-cent flour tortillas on the second trip.  I bought four.  Hope they keep.  I also went to a local grocery chain to buy vegetables, and got a bag of sugar as well for $1.50 with the $10 purchase I had made.

Overall, I spent $78.81 for items worth $140.36, or a 44% savings.

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Cheryl @ Simply Shoeboxes October 22, 2010 at 8:11 PM  

Thanks for the linky. I'm posting mine and a friend's who has no internet right now.

Anonymous,  October 23, 2010 at 8:44 AM  

Love the cheerios story! Sounds like my house :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and linking up!

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