Thursday, April 1, 2010

Want a Swagbucks referral?

UPDATE: This giveaway has ended.  However, I have a new giveaway for an organization book.  Click here for the new giveaway.

I've been hearing more and more about Swagbucks lately.  I've heard about folks earning gift cards and prizes.  I get hits from people searching for Frugal Follies on Swagbucks (thank you!).  I see Swagbucks counter widgets on many of the blogs I visit each week.

I think it's time for me to try it out, too!

For those of you who don't know, is an online portal that rewards its users for doing searches, completing offers, shopping, and entering codes.  Rewards are given in Swagbucks, which can then be redeemed for prizes and gift cards.

I could just go to the home page and sign up, but I see that Swagbucks rewards its users for referrals as well.  So I'm giving one of you the chance at winning my referral!

Just leave a comment below about your favorite thing about Swagbucks.  One entry per person, please.  You don't need to follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my RSS feed, or become a fan on Facebook, though of course I would appreciate any or all of them :-)  Next Thursday I will use a randomizing program to pick a winner out of all the comments posted before Wednesday, April 7 at 11:59 pm.

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Jestti April 1, 2010 at 1:45 PM  

My favorite thing about Swagbucks is the gift cards I get! I've only been in Swagbucks for about a year and I have been rewarded almost $100 worth of gift cards towards! That's a lot of free stuff for my family and I!!!

Tricia April 1, 2010 at 2:41 PM  

My favorite thing about swagbcuks...Hmm definitely the $5 amazon gift cards for doing absolutely nothing! I am paying for Christmas by just using Swagbucks it's really awesome! Thanks for the chance

Catherine April 1, 2010 at 2:57 PM  

You will love it! I just search for everything instead of typing in the URL bar. And just now, I won 11 swagbucks trying to figure out how to find my referral link. Perfect. My favorite thing to redeem with swagbucks is the $5 Amazon GCs - I can get about 2 a month with all my searching. :-)
(My referral link is:

Sarah April 1, 2010 at 7:18 PM  

That's Great! Thanks for sharing. I'm also having a giveaway for a super cute and trendy diaper changing pad if your interested. Come check it out

Me April 2, 2010 at 7:09 AM  

I love getting Amazon giftcards

Christine April 3, 2010 at 11:16 AM  

I honestly just love that I am getting paid to search thing I normally would. It is so easy!

CC April 4, 2010 at 4:36 PM  

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Lydia April 5, 2010 at 8:41 AM  

What a great giveaway idea! Creative!

I love the fact that I can earn swagbucks just by searching for things I normally search for. I also like being able to get giftcards with my Swagbucks and using them to buy things we don't have much room for in our budget.

onlyatech at yahoo dot com

Melissa April 5, 2010 at 10:01 AM  

My favorite thing about SwagBucks is earning Amazon gift cards for doing the same searches I'd be doing anyway!

I also appreciate that there are additional SwagBucks available through Twitter, Facebook, etc., if you take the time to hunt for them. I don't always do that, but I like having the option. :)

Linda @ Linda's Lunacy April 5, 2010 at 10:42 AM  

Wow, great contest!

I saw last year, that there were a number of bloggers who paid for all their Christmas gifts with Swagbucks.

I'm going to try that this year!

So, if I can do it, then paying for Christmas with Swagbucks would be by favorite thing.

Until then, it's the $5 gift certificates.

Carissa April 5, 2010 at 11:00 AM  

I am in college, so any way to get free stuff with little or no effort is appealing to me! Swagbucks is one of the ways to get free stuff with very little effort!

Paula April 5, 2010 at 11:42 AM  

It sounds pretty unanimous - those $5 amazon gift cards! I just ordered a book off amazon this week and didn't have to pay a dime for it by using swagbucks. Love it!

I follow you on my RSS feed and really enjoy your blog. Thanks so much for keeping us all in the know about how to make our dollars work for us.

Anjanette April 5, 2010 at 12:47 PM  

Yes, great contest! I actually don't do amazon gcs! I save mine up for paypal money!! I know that I would waste amazon cards on junk but paypal goes into the family budget. Every once in a while the paypal cards go on sale for almost as little as the amazon cards!

Darcie April 5, 2010 at 1:09 PM  

my fave thing about SB is the ease. i already search the web so its easy to earn bucks. thanks for this great giveaway!

fbfandc at gmail dot com

Shelley April 5, 2010 at 5:52 PM  

Not sure if I can pick a favorite. I love & used Amazon gift cards at X-mas also the Starbucks gc are great gifts (they are physical cards)it is the only way I will purchase Starbucks. The points add up quickly. Thanks for a chance for a referral.

Jen April 5, 2010 at 7:04 PM  

gotta say the amazon gift cards too. It's so easy to let them add up. Last holiday season I used what we had saved and bought gifts for a family in another state and had them sent directly to them. It didn't hurt my budget, but it sure did help them out.

Katie @ Frugal Femina April 5, 2010 at 7:27 PM  

You definitely need to join Swag bucks! I am saving up to buy a KitchenAid mixer from Target, and I only have $75 left to go thanks to SB. LOVE IT.

Jennifer S. April 5, 2010 at 8:20 PM  

This is a great idea for a giveaway. :)
My favorite thing about Swagbucks is that it actually encourages me to search more. Like on Mega Bucks Fridays - I tend to just randomly search things to get the Mega Bucks. So, I end up finding some really interesting info that I may have not found otherwise! I'm obsessed with, so I love getting the $5 cards for little effort!

Jenna April 5, 2010 at 9:18 PM  

I just signed up myself, but my fave part is that it's so easy!

sponge423 April 5, 2010 at 11:30 PM  

I love that its so simple to use and get rewarded for doing nothing extra

Holly April 6, 2010 at 12:29 AM  

I love that its free and you can earn great gc! I am working on my 8th Amazon card already!!

cheflisa April 6, 2010 at 9:49 AM  

Swag bucks is so easy to use .you earn bucks by loging on and doing what weall do
Ilike to save my Amazon cards i earn for christmas ,like a christmas club account .and there is a lot of fun .Shopping earn bucks , turn in old cell phones earn bucks ,play trivia earn bucks ,swag hunt earn bucks or you can just surf its easy to join heres my link

Judy Hoch April 6, 2010 at 12:42 PM  

Love Swagbucks because it's so easy to earn Amazon gift cards! I'm outfitting my kitchen for free--in fact, my FREE Cuisinart Belgian waffle maker just arrived a few hours ago!

Anna Cotton April 6, 2010 at 1:51 PM  

I'm not sure if I like Swagbucks yet. It feels like a pyramid scheme. However, I did win my first Amazon gift card, so I'm not giving up on it yet.

Tara April 6, 2010 at 1:52 PM  

I LOVE Swagbucks! I cash out for $5 Amazon Giftcards every week or two! The Free Swag Code Hunts are the best! Find the code- type it in and there you go 15 (or however many it is that time) swagbucks!

TaraTagli at gmail dot com

Shaylin April 6, 2010 at 4:39 PM  

The thing I love about swagbucks is that I can earn for free some things that I normally wouldn't spend money on. Earning the Starbucks giftcard lets me go out to coffee with the gals without feeling bad for spending $4 on a coffee. Because I earned my giftcard FREE through SWAGBUCKS!

stroker881 April 6, 2010 at 6:01 PM  

My favorite part is earning giftcards. I usually cash my swagbucks for Starbucks giftcards to take when we go shopping as a little treat for the kids!!

Laura April 7, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

What's not to love about swagbucks?@ I really couldn't pick just one. I love the fact that I am currently wearing the most comfortable flip flops I've ever bought...and I bought them with amazon gift cards through swagbucks!

Brandy M. April 7, 2010 at 11:11 PM  

I love the Amazon gift cards you can win. I have won over a $100 in them since I have signed up! What a great way to sign-up! I will post this on giveaway on my new giveaway blog! If you have future giveaways I would love to post them to! Check out my blog to see how.

couponmomma2010 at hotmail dot com

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