Friday, March 5, 2010

Walgreens Goodnites deals

This week, Walgreens is having a Register Reward deal - Buy three of the following products and get a $5 in Register Rewards: Huggies diapers or wipes, Goodnites, Kotex feminine care products, Poise or Depend products, Scott bathroom tissue, Cottonelle bathroom tissue, or Viva paper towels.

I did this deal three times this week - see what I got!

My first visit, I picked up one package of Goodnites (I have a child with a disability who wears them) and two packages of Kotex.  The Goodnites did not have a sale sign in front of them, so I asked for a price check, and, to no surprise, they rang up full price ($11.79) instead of the sale price of $8.99.  I then was concerned that the Goodnites wouldn't automatically be included in the Register Rewards deal, so the cashier gave me an extra $5 off.  (As it turns out it did print, but of course I couldn't take it since I already got the discount.)

1 Goodnites @ $3.99 + 2 Kotex @ $2.99 = $9.97
- $1.50 Goodnites coupon from the 2/28 Smartsource insert
- $1.50/2 Kotex coupon from the 1/10 SmartSource (there's an even better coupon, $1.00 off 1, now at 
= $6.97 for all three items + tax

My second trip, I did two deals.  First, I got two Goodnites and one package of Huggies wipes.  This time the Goodnites rang up correctly.

2 Goodnites @ $8.99 + 1 Huggies wipes @ $5.99
- 2 $1.50 Goodnites coupons from the 2/28 Smartsource insert
- 75¢ Huggies wipes coupon from
= $21.72 plus tax, $5 Register Rewards received

Then, I did the Sudafed deal: Buy two Sudafed, Benadryl, or Tylenol products, get $5 in Register Rewards.  I did this not only because I needed the Sudafed, but because I could use the $5 I got from the previous deal (issued by Kimberly-Clark) and get another $5 RR (issued by Johnson & Johnson).  Then I'd be able to use that Register Rewards toward another Kimberly-Clark purchase.  Also, in order to use three manufacturer's coupons (2 for the Sudafed and the $5 RR), I had to buy one more product.  Since I needed dishwashing liquid, I bought Ajax which had a Walgreens coupon in the weekly ad.

2 Sudafed @ $4.99 + 1 Ajax @ 89¢ = $10.87
- 2 $2.00 Sudafed coupons from the 12/6 RedPlum insert
- $5 Register Rewards
= $1.87 + tax out of pocket, $5 in Register Rewards

Lastly, I went to another Walgreens (I am lucky to have several in my area). I bought three more Goodnites.  I needed another item to use four manufacturer's coupons, so I got Walgreens sandwich bags with an in-ad coupon.

3 Goodnites @ $8.99 + 1 sandwich bags @ 99¢ = $27.96
- 3 $1.50 Goodnites coupons from the 2/28 Smartsource insert
- $5 Register Rewards
= $18.46 + tax out of pocket, $5 in Register Rewards

Did you do this Walgreens deal? What did you get?

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