Monday, March 15, 2010

Credit Card Disasters to Credit Card Masters

Yahoo! Finance today has a story of seven people who were deeply in debt and have changed their ways to get out of debt.  Read it here:

7 Credit Card Disasters Who Became Credit Masters

The ways they got out of debt aren't anything new - they stopped using credit cards, made a budget and stuck to it, cut their spending, and educated themselves about personal finance.  But it's always inspirational to read about people who have gotten rid of huge amounts of debt.

The article was originally from a credit card website, so it encourages smart use of credit cards.  Of course, some would say that the best way to stay out of credit card debt is to not use them at all!  We do have one credit card, but we use it mostly for automatic debits for services.  I used to use it for grocery shopping, but I've found I spend a whole lot less by using cash.

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