Monday, March 8, 2010

AtTENding to Our Finances in 2010 February update

Ah, the end of the month just slipped by.  Better late than never, my February 2010 update. 

As I posted at the beginning of the year, here are our financial goals:

  • Save up and pay cash for the expenses of my daughter's bat mitzvah by July 2010.  We started the year having saved 58% of the necessary money.  We were able to save enough to have 78% of the required amount.  We're getting there!
  • Save up a proper emergency fund by December 2010.  No action on this goal  We have about 10% of the amount necessary.
  •  Once those two goals are finished, pay off our home equity line.  No action on this goal.  We did pay the interest accrued on the loan.
How are you doing on your 2010 financial goals? Post them (or a link to your blog) in the comments.

Check out more financial goals at Saving on a Shoestring @ Cha-Ching on a Shoestring and Coupon Teacher.

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