Friday, March 19, 2010

Are Walgreens Savings Book coupons store coupons or manufacturer's coupons?

Well, hmmm.

Yesterday, I ranted about blog deals, specifically about how I couldn't use a Walgreens coupon savings book coupon along with a manufacturer's coupon when it was stated that I could, because the coupon savings book coupons seemed to be manufacturer's coupons, and you can't use two manufacturer's coupons on one item.

Several of you commented on it - thank you! - saying that the Walgreens coupon savings book coupons are indeed Walgreens store coupons, and not manufacturer's coupons, and thus the deal should have worked, and did for some.

I did a little searching and found a Walgreens coupon policy that said that you could you a Roto coupon (i.e., the 7 day coupons in the ads), a Instant Value coupons (the coupons in the savings books, coloring books, or other Walgreens sources), and a manufacturer's coupon on the same item.  So according to that, I should have been able to use the savings book coupon and the manufacturer's coupon.

And yes, the savings book coupon has a 4-digit code like the 7-day coupons, and not a UPC symbol starting with 5 or 9, like most manufacturer's coupon.  And in the corner it says "Good at Walgreens."

However, the coupons in the March savings book clearly state, "Manufacturer coupon good only at Walgreens."

Just for the heck of it, I found some Instant Value Coupons that I had from the Walgreens Coloring Book last fall.  They, too, have a four-digit code on them.  But they say "Good only at Walgreens."  No mention of them being manufacturer's coupons.  So clearly (to me) the coloring book coupon are store coupons, and thus can be stacked with a manufacturer's coupon.

As for the Savings Book coupons...  I am wondering if Walgreens recently changed their policy on the Instant Value Coupons.  Anybody have a previous month's savings book and can compare the language there?

Or maybe the "Manufacturer coupon good at Walgreens" is just a mistake?

What I think it comes down to is, who pays Walgreens for the coupon?  If it's the manufacturer, then it's a manufacturer coupon regardless of the bar code.  If it's Walgreens themselves, then it's a store coupon.  I don't have the answer to this, though I may contact Walgreens for further information.

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