Wednesday, March 31, 2010

April Freezer Cooking Days: Cooking list

Time once again for April Freezer Cooking Days, hosted by FishMama at Life as MOM and Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

Since this Freezer Cooking Days falls in the middle of Passover, it presents special challenges for me.  I can't cook anything that contains any sort of wheat, oats, corn, rice, or legumes.  That leaves out many of my go-to freezer recipes, like Whole Wheat French Bread.  I can't prepare dried beans for use later.  And my favorite freezer item, frozen cookie dough, is sadly not allowed.

I could, in theory, make items containing matzah, but I don't think I'll be wanting to eat them after Passover is over next Tuesday night.  So I'm limited to making meat, fruit, and vegetable items.  So my list will be rather short this time... I promise a much larger event next month!

On a good note, I did roast a 12 pound turkey for my seder Tuesday evening, and I bought 10 pounds of potatoes, so I have lots of raw ingredients to make into yummy dishes for my freezer.

I'll be making:
  • Turkey soup (from the turkey carcass)
  • Some sort of turkey casserole, with potatoes... I am currently looking for a good recipe that doesn't contain cream soup or bread ingredients.  Do you have any suggestions?
  • Frozen potato wedges - cut into wedges and spiced, baked, then frozen
  • Dried apple slices
  • Diced onions and celery for use in future recipes
Please follow me on Twitter, subscribe to my RSS feed, and become a fan on Facebook to follow my progress throughout the cooking days.  I'll post a followup at the end.

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Anonymous,  March 31, 2010 at 6:10 PM  

I had no idea that during Passover there were so many items on the "No No" list. It looks like you have a good list going Laura. Since I am not familiar with Passover rules, is beef smoked sausage allowed? I bake beef smoked sausage and thinly sliced potatoes with onion and a bit of butter and onion.

You have a super week.


Candi March 31, 2010 at 9:38 PM  

You could make a Turkey Shepherd's Pie using the turkey and top it with mashed potatoes...Might be yummy :)

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