Monday, March 29, 2010

Almost the end of the month - coupon printing time!

The month of March will be over in just a couple of days.  Where did the time go?  Look for my atTENDing to Your Finances in 2010 March update, coming soon!  And if you missed it, I posted my Frugal Follies Book List for March - check it out!

And, of course, you'll want to head on over to and and print out any coupons that interest you, since they may be gone tomorrow! And be sure to check back there on April 1st, since there may be new coupons rolled out then! 

I used to wait until I needed a coupon for a deal, but sometimes they reached a print limit and disappeared before I needed them.  Bummer!  So, now when I see a coupon for a product I buy regularly or even occasionally, I print out the coupon, so it's there when I need it.  You should, too!

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