Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Wednesday Weekly Shopping: Lotsa pasta

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So this week was the start of the Italian Days sale at Publix, and I went a little crazy there. I was down to my last box of whole wheat pasta, which we eat a lot of in this family, so I was really happy to see Mueller's penne BOGO at $1.39. So I bought a lot. Twelve boxes, to be exact.

This week I was able to keep my spending down to $45.43! Of course, we ate a lot of things I had bought at the Albertsons closing sale. And I still had a lot of fresh veggies and fruit from previous weeks.

I made a stop at Walmart to get some plastics and some other food. I neglected to take a picture at the time, but I bought all this, some apple juice concentrate, and tortillas, for $17.08.

I made a trip to Target to get a birthday present (not included in this list), but I checked their prices for bananas, milk, and bread.  They were cheaper than Publix!  So I got those items.  I used the remainder of a gift card to pay, so I only paid $1.64 out of pocket.

I went to CVS and got free Aussie shampoo, as well as some aspirin and shampoo for my husband.  I used up the rest of my ECBs to pay for that stuff, so it was $1.40 out of pocket.

And lastly, I took four trips to Publix.  One trip I just bought 2 Fiber One yogurts which cost $1.50 after BOGO and coupons.  A second trip, I bought six boxes of pasta for 17 cents!  A third, I bought some milk and apples and more pasta, and the fourth I bought all the stuff above, along with some Charmin and pudding I bought at Walgreens with expiring Register Rewards and only paid $1.40.  The total from the Publix trips was $23.92.

See all of my shopping details here.

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Mandy February 27, 2010 at 9:19 PM  

Hey Laura thanks for adding me to your linkup!! :o) I'm following you know, I look forward to looking around your blog!!

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