Sunday, February 21, 2010

Menu Plan: Leftovers galore

Last week's menu plan of eating from the pantry was so successful, this week we'll be doing it again!  I overspent so much at the Albertsons closing sale that I need to do this to salvage my budget for February.  Luckily, March is just around the corner!

We are definitely running low on meat, but I'm resolving not to buy any until next week.  In fact, the only food I hope to buy this week is pasta and Parmesan cheese at the Publix Italian Days sale, flour and yeast for baking, a few veggies, and milk. 

Monday - chicken, pinto beans, and salsa over whole-wheat pasta

Tuesday - tabbouleh and ground beef over salad greens

Wednesday - cheese pizza on homemade whole-wheat crust

Thursday - hot dogs, cornbread twists, cut-up veggies

Friday - chicken soup, challah, baked chicken wings, kasha varnishkes, salad

Saturday - leftovers of the leftovers or grilled cheese with tomato soup

Sunday - sub sandwiches

Check out Menu Plan Monday for other plans!

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