Thursday, February 25, 2010

March Freezer Cooking Days: Cooking list

As I posted here, I'm looking forward to again participating in March Freezer Cooking Days!  Again, this will be hosted by FishMama at Life as MOM and Crystal at Money Saving Mom.

I'm looking forward to getting some yummy additions to my freezer.  I loved having beans already cooked and ready for burritos and stews, and they were so much better (and so much less expensive) than canned beans!  When a meal needed an extra addition, it was so easy to reach in the freezer and get some whole-wheat French bread and make a quick garlic bread out of it.  And when someone ate all the cookies before the end of the school week (gee, I wonder who could've done that?), it was a relief to just grab a roll of cookie dough, slice off a dozen cookies, and bake them.  Almost no mess at all!

So this is what I'll be making over the next few days for the freezer:

  • 1 package red kidney beans, cooked in the crockpot
  • 1 package black beans, cooked in the crockpot
  • Crystal's Crockpot Italian Chicken (I'll add onions, mushrooms, and peppers as well)
  • 4 loaves whole wheat French bread (and this time I'll be sure to have enough yeast on hand)
  • 4 rolls chocolate chip freezer cookie dough
In addition, I'll also be baking the following for eating right away:
Please follow me on Twitter and become a fan on Facebook to follow my progress throughout the weekend. I'll post a final report here on Monday night.

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