Sunday, January 10, 2010

Menu Plan: What menu plan?

I'm not usually a menu planning sort of person. I tend to forget I even have to cook dinner until 5:30, when the kids start tugging on my sleeve, asking, "What's for dinner?" So I have to quickly defrost meat, or lean on one of my quick vegetarian meals, or just make pasta or grilled cheese.

So, the lack of plan is clearly not a good plan!

Also, since I'm participating in the Eat from the Pantry Challenge, I'm trying to use up the items that have been languishing in my freezer, like bone-in cuts of meat and poultry that need to be cooked over a longer time - so menu planning is absolutely necessary!

Here's what I'm planning to make this week. Recipes to be posted soon.

Monday - Clean out the crisper pasta and vegetables
Tuesday - Chicken and black bean stew over brown rice
Wednesday - Mexican pizza made with bread-machine whole-wheat pizza crust
Thursday - Pepper steak over brown rice
Friday - Roast chicken, kasha varnishkes (buckwheat groats and bow-tie noodles), salad
Saturday - Leftover extravaganza!
Sunday - TBD

What are you making this week? Leave a comment, or check out these other menu plans!

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