Sunday, January 24, 2010

Menu Plan: Too much tomato sauce

This week, I'm finishing up the Eat from the Pantry Challenge, so I'm trying to use up the items in my pantry that I have way, way, way too much of.

I have almost a dozen cans of tomato sauce (Hunt's and Muir Glen brands), some dribs and drabs of whole-wheat pastas in various shapes and sizes, some instant brown rice side dish boxes, whole-wheat couscous from the Whole Foods bins, and some instant sweet potatoes bought around Thanksgiving for $.15 a box.

So that's what the menu will revolve around.

Monday - tuna casserole (made from various types of whole wheat noodles)

Tuesday - Mexican chicken over couscous

Wednesday - green pepper and cheese pizza on homemade whole wheat crust, cut-up veggies

Thursday - ground beef and rice casserole

Friday - roasted chicken with sweet potato pancakes, salad

Saturday - leftover extravaganza, or grilled cheese with tomato soup

Sunday - TBD - may be takeout or another easy to make meal

Check out Menu Plan Monday and Monday Menus for other plans!

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