Monday, January 11, 2010

Help! My coupon won't print!

Have you ever had a problem with printing a coupon, where the screen is blank except for the words "Please Wait..." at the top?

This usually seems to happen on a coupon, and here's the solution!

Look at your browser's address bar. It might look something like this (this is a link for a $2/2 Nabisco Crackers coupon):

Look specifically at the part which says either &bt=vi or &bt=vg.

If it says "vi", change it to "vg", (by clicking in the address bar, erasing the incorrect letter, and typing in the correct letter), and if it says "vg", try changing it to "vi". Then hit Enter.

It should print!

Also, remember that many coupons will print twice if you hit your browser's Back button after the first print. Although, many coupon websites have learned this trick, so it does not always work. But give it a try!


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