Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Free coupons in South Florida community newspapers

When you're using coupons to save and a great deal pops up, you'll probably want to buy many items so that you can stockpile them.  But how do you get many copies of the same coupon?

One way is to look for free newspapers in your area that carry the inserts.  If you're in South Florida, you can get copies of the free Forum newspapers, which have the coupon inserts in them!  The Forum newspapers are community newspapers owned by the Ft. Lauderdale-based Sun-Sentinel.  There are different newspapers for many different areas in Broward and Palm Beach counties.  A list of the papers appears below.

These newspapers can be found in many places: government buildings, libraries, community centers, restaurants, hotels, stores, supermarkets, and lots of other places.  They are usually on a wire rack near the front door.  They can also be found in roadside newspaper stands.  As you go about your business, look around for these newspapers; you may be surprised how many places have them.

They come out either on Wednesday or Thursday with the previous week's coupons.  So, for instance, the inserts dated 1/10 will be in the Forum dated 1/13 or 1/14.

The newspapers in certain locations go quickly.  I have found that newspapers in libraries and in supermarkets are often gone by the next day.  I have found a few locations where the newspapers seem to languish, so that they are almost always available when I go to get them.

There seem to be at least three different versions of the Smartsource inserts in South Florida.  First, there's the inserts that appear in the Sun-Sentinel; these usually have the most coupons in them.

Then there is a version that is in Boynton Beach Times, Margate/Coconut Creek Forum, Pompano Times, Deerfield Times, Plantation Forum, Sunrise Forum, Tamarac Forum, Delray Times, Fort Lauderdale Hi-Riser, Fort Lauderdale Eastsider, Central Palm Beach Jewish Journal, Fort Lauderdale Central Broward Jewish Journal, Fort Lauderdale Jewish Journal Dade, and Coral Springs Forum.

Thirdly, there is a version that appears in Lake Worth Forum, Wellington Forum, North Palm Beach Jewish Journal Central, Boca Raton Forum, Palm Beach Royal Palm Beach Forum, and North Palm Beach Jewish Journal North.

So, if you can, you might want to find two different community newspapers to get inserts from, in case a coupon appears in one insert but not in the other.  (For the Redplum inserts, there appear to be two versions: one for the Sun-Sentinel and one for the other South Florida community newspapers listed above.)

Instead of cutting all the coupons from the inserts, I keep them in a file drawer by date.  Then, before I go shopping, I check blogs to find listings of the great deals out there, and cut the coupons out as I need them.  I keep the inserts for four months, then throw them out - almost all of the coupons are expired by then.

Hope this helps you find more coupons!

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Unknown March 4, 2011 at 1:32 PM  

ive seen these roadside paper stands with free papers around here near dallas. it makes me wonder if ive been missing free coupons. I will have to check that out.

Shandi Sequoia,  July 10, 2011 at 12:58 AM  

This so makes me wish I lived in Florida so I could find all these great coupons! :/

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